Our firm was founded on the principle of “Better service through specialized knowledge.” We believe that becoming experts in the fields of dentistry and medicine is far better than having limited knowledge in a vast number of fields.

Why Pay High Accounting Fees?

We can install and customize a computerized accounting program that allows you to do your own accounting! The program also prints checks to pay your bills. Your current bank balance is available at all times. We prepare your financial statements using our automatic formatting program. This saves you both time and accounting fees and it’s all done in your office.

Payroll Made Easy!

Your payroll can be completed in minutes. Employee earnings are deposited directly into their checking accounts. All required deposits are made timely on your behalf electronically.

Or, fax your payroll into our office and in three days it arrives in your office ready to distribute to your employees. All employee checks and tax deposits are included.

These programs were designed to make your job easier and to provide you with more time to focus on your practice.